About Selaks New Zealand Roast Day

The roast unites family and friends around good wine, with hearty conversation, laughter and cheer. At Selaks we’ve been at the table for over 80 years and we’re always back for more. So, enjoy Selaks New Zealand Roast Day with your family and friends. Join the conversation on Facebook and you could be in to win.

Having a roast? We’ve got a wine for that.

The Selaks NZ Roast Day Story

  • Selaks New Zealand Roast Day is about celebrating our nation’s most loved meal. The ultimate kiwi roast isn't confined to just the meat. It's a sum of its parts. The meat. The sides. The company. The traditions. The wine. No matter the occasion we've got a wine for that.

  • In 2015 we bought family and friends together to enjoy a roast any day of the week. We teamed up with leading Chef Simon Gault to create mouth watering roast day recipes. Simon is an innovator, a pioneer and a leader, not to dissimilar from our Selaks Founders, which made him the perfect fit.

  • In 2014 we’ve enlisted the help of three celebrities to help us cook up a roast storm. Shane Cortese, Leah Panapa and Leigh Hart have lent us their fabulous recipes. Nici Wickes returns to share new 2014 Roast recipes too.

  • 2013 brings along world traveller and chef Nici Wickes to join the Selaks team. Nici shares her recipes and tips to make it the best Selaks New Zealand Roast Day yet!

  • 2012 brought along Christchurch restaurateur Jonny Schwass, who takes a no-nonsense approach to cooking, which has made him a big hit in the world of cuisine, both overseas and at home.

  • By 2011 Selaks NZ Roast Day was really beginning to make it’s mark on New Zealand’s winter culinary calendar and top food writer Julie Biuso judged all the unique roast recipes submitted.

  • 2010 Selaks New Zealand Roast Day Chef Paul Jobin phrased the event perfectly, “It’s about getting friends and families together around the dining table and enjoying good food and wine over a hearty Sunday roast, It’s high on my list of enjoying all the good things we enjoy in New Zealand.”

  • Selaks New Zealand Roast Day began in 2010 when Selaks decided to dedicate a day in honor of the humble New Zealand Roast. Selaks were determined to ensure that the roast retains its rightful place in our country’s rich epicurean history.

The Selaks Story

  • At Selaks we’ve been at the table for over 80 years bringing family and friends together over good food and wine

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